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Fong Ho Machinery owns special expertise and advanced technology in designing and producing metal sawing machines. Shown on this page are the results of our constant devotion. Firstly, with continuous research and development, we aim at producing metal circular sawing machines that can provide optimum cutting performance. Besides, we provide you with chamfering machines designed for efficient, precise chamfering and trimming inner and outer end angles on circular pipe. Furthermore, our saw blade sharpener is not only easy to setup and use, but also adjustable to the saw blade, which can be sharpened to exact specifications. For each category we have developed multiple series and models to suit your various needs, and the links below will introduce you to further details of each product. Please take a look at them and feel free to contact us at any time!

Manufacturing Tungsten Carbide Sawing Machines, H.S.S. And T.C.T. Circular Cold Saws, Sawblade Sharpeners, Sawblades And End Chamfering Machines.

Our Products List:

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