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HSS CNC Saw Blade Sharpener

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Discover the power of Fong Ho's HSS CNC Saw Blade Sharpener GS-850CNC. This Saw Blade Sharpener is engineered to simplify setup, reduce labor costs, and maximize productivity. It offers accurate feeding, enhancing the overall operation of the Saw Blade Sharpener.

A significant feature of our Saw Blade Sharpener is that it eliminates the need for grinding wheel replacement, providing a cost-effective solution. With our Saw Blade Sharpener, you get precision sharpening that ensures optimal tool performance.

Choose Fong Ho's Saw Blade Sharpener to experience the convergence of convenience, efficiency, and superior tool maintenance.

Saw Blade Sharpener - HSS CNC Saw Blade Sharpener GS-850CNC Saw Blade Sharpener - HSS CNC Saw Blade Sharpener GS-850CNC

Saw Blade Sharpener - HSS CNC Saw Blade Sharpener GS-850CNC
Features: 5-axis X.Y.Z.C.B
  • The machine integrates machanical construction, program control and touch-sensing screen for perfect setting for various teeth shapes, teeth number, tooth depth, back clearance angle, relief angle, chip break slot and teeth chamfering.
  • Easy to operate by simply entering sharpening date, then the machine will perform automatic sharpening operations. The machine features high accuracy, high sharpening speed, consistent sharpening quality, superior performance and satisfied blade quality.
Saw Blade Diameter Diameter140mm~Diameter810mm Standard
Pitch Range Max. 25mm
Grinding Teeth Limit 10~998 teeth
Thickness of Saw Blade Max. 8mm
Range of Cutting Angle 0.01°~30°
Feeding Speed 2~60 teeth/min
Total Electric Power 17 kw
Grinding Wheel
Diameter Diameter150mm
Inner Diameter Diameter32mm
Thickness Max. 10mm
Rotation Speed RPM. 6000~12000
Spindle Motor 2.7kw
Motor Inverter 3.7kw
X-axis AC Servo-motor 1.3kw (Brake type)
Y-axis AC Servo-motor 0.85kw (Brake type)
Z-axis AC Servo-motor 1.8kw (Brake type)
C-axis AC Servo-motor 1.3kw Saw Blade 360° Turns
B-rotation Axis Motor 0.85kw (Brake type) 90°
Coolant Pump Motor 1.5kw
Mist Filter Motor 1.5kw
Magnetic Separator Motor 0.025kw
Pump Motor 0.2kw
Oil-water Separator 0.025kw
High Pressure Cooling Device
Capacity 75 liters/min
Pressure 9 kg/cm2
Coolant Tank Volume 300 liters
Mist Collecting Device
Throughput 7~9m3/min
Negative Static 130~150mmAq
Inlet Diameter 125 mm
Noise Level 60 dB(A)
Magnetic Separator
Capacity 60 liters/min
Machine Dimension & Weight
Dimension(WxDxH) 1580(W) x 1930(D) x 2200(H)mm
Weight 4500kgs


Devices & Accessories
Devices & Accessories GS-850CNC
Saw Blade Holder 6 set--Diameter125, Diameter180, Diameter210, Diameter260, Diameter310, Diameter400mm
Diamond Grinding Wheel 3 piece Diameter150xT1.5、2.0、2.5mm Standard
1 piece Diameter76 x T0.3mm Standard
Working Lamp 1 set--Halogen lamp / Water-dust-proof
Auto Electric Pump 1 set
Grease Lubrication System 1 set
Heat Exchanger of Electrical Cabinet 1 set
High Pressure Cooling Device 1 set
Mist Collecting Device 1 set
Magnetic Separator 1 set
Oil-water Separator 1 set
Optional Devices
Optional Devices GS-850CNC
Saw Blade Holder Diameter550, Diameter650, Diameter750mm
Diamond Grinding Wheel Diameter150 x T3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 mm
Diameter76 x T0.3~0.6 mm
Optional Function of Teeth Profile Program

* The manufacturer always performs product improvements to achieve the best possible performance.
All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice. Product specifications are based on the actual machines. The manufacturer holds explanation rights.

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